Fire Doors

Why are fire doors important?

Fire Doors are an integral aspect of passive fire protection; fire doors that are correctly installed will ensure fire, smoke and toxic fumes do not spread throughout your premises.

Panache Fire Services Ltd is fully accredited under BM TRADA Q Mark certification schemes for fire door installation and maintenance. This 3rd party recognition provides our clients with the reassurance that all work carried out ensures their fire doors meet legislative standards.

Ensure you are complying with the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO). A full fire door survey undertaken by Panache Fire Service’s (BM TRADA qualified inspector) will ensure that your fire doors are meeting current British Standards and the requirements of the RRFSO.

A Panache Fire Service Ltd ‘Fire Door’ Survey includes a comprehensive inspection of the following parts of a doorset:
Following the survey you will be provided with a full report identifying the issues that may prevent the door set from meeting the declared period of fire resistance. If required, our fully qualified BM TRADA maintenance team are at hand to carry out improvement works to the highest standard.

All doors meeting the Standard will be appropriately marked with an inspection label.

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