Fire Warden Training

Fire Safety Training for all staff!

Training your staff on fire safety can help prevent fires but most importantly it prepares employees on how to deal with a fire if one breaks out.  We offer two fire training courses:
Preparing you for a real experience

The thought of dealing with a fire can be very daunting and we want your staff to be prepared.  That’s why on both our courses we use our fire simulator so staff can watch a fire being extinguished and then have a go themselves. This hands-on experience will make a difference if they ever have to deal with the real thing.

At the end of each course there’s also an opportunity to ask questions with our fire safety experts.
The Fire Safety Awareness Course

The aim of this course is to give all staff a greater understanding of fire risks in the workplace.  We cover how to evacuate the premises effectively, how fires spread and the best way to tackle a fire. Staff will also learn about fire safety risks and how to prevent them.

The course syllabus includes:
Fire Warden Training

This training course is designed for those who have been, or will be appointed to carry out the duties of a fire warden. The course syllabus includes:
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Both courses comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) order and are certificated. The duration of each course is 4 hours. Our monthly courses are held at Wycombe Wanderers Football Club but if you prefer we can visit your workplace and run bespoke training for your staff.  Off-site courses include sandwiches for the afternoon session.
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